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Services for Newport Beach Country Club Members

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Don't wait, make an appointment today and get the care you deserve. Members of the Newport Beach Country Club can schedule by clicking below:

Attention Newport Beach Country Club members! Are you feeling under the weather or in need of a check-up? Don't let your busy schedule get in the way of taking care of your health. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our licensed physician.

Dr. Andrea Colon will offer the following services to club members:

  • Initial Consultation

This is a 1-hour in-depth consultation to review previous medical history, current symptoms, medications and supplements. 

  • Follow-up

During this appointment we will review any labwork and discuss in depth treatment plan including any supplement or medications, dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

  • Specialty Lab Testing

In depth labwork can look into cholesterol and blood sugar imbalances, hormone health, micronutrients, inflammation, autoimmunity and overall health. 

  •  IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots

​Customized IV  and IM nutrition allows for delivery of a higher dose of nutrients than can absorbed orally. IVs can be used to improve energy, sleep quality, support the immune system, help with athletic recovery, address  jet lag among others. 
*IVs require recent CBC and CMP. G6PD is required for High Dose Vitamin C/Immunity bags within the last 6 months*

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