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Stephen R.

“I’ve been dealing with psoriasis for the last 10 years and have never been able to find a real solution for it. I’ve been prescribed a lot of sprays and ointments by several dermatologists, but they only subdued the symptoms, and after using them, my psoriasis seemed to come back a little worse. This was my first experience with naturopathic medicine, and it was the best decision I could’ve made. 


Dr. Colon was so informative and helpful. She asked me questions to fully understand what I was dealing with and was able to diagnose me and come up with the proper vitamins and supplements I needed to heal my condition. She also gave me nutritional advice on what foods to eliminate from my diet that were possibly causing my psoriasis. After a little over a month, I’m already showing signs of improvement. I’m so grateful that Dr. Colon was able to help me and I would highly recommend her!”

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