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Approaching Gut Health the Naturopathic Way

It’s important that we listen to our gut! It usually knows what’s up. But listening to it is only half the battle. Since symptoms are not usually isolated, it’s up to you and your doctor to figure out the best plan of action to improve your overall gut health. Even though you may be experiencing symptoms like gas, bloating, indigestion, or have other uncomfortable issues, the problem may not solely lie in your gut.

With the naturopathic approach, we look at the whole person and their entire body. All of our systems are interconnected, and therefore, treating just one aspect may not sufficiently eradicate the cause, even if it does ease the symptoms.

Our bodies are filled with different organisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and since these microorganisms live in the gut, they have an impact over the rest of someone’s body. They’re also a way to see the overall health of a person, especially when imbalanced.

With Western Medicine, we’ve been conditioned to treat or control the symptoms we may be experiencing, rather than getting to the root of the cause. Without treating the cause, it allows the underlying issue to progress and become worse.

If you’re suffering from any gastrointestinal issues, a naturopathic remedy will help nip the problem in the bud, making sure you’re no longer dependent on prescription medications or over-the-counter medications.

Treatment options often include supplements and vitamins for basic issues, while others may require diet and lifestyle changes. Fixing your gut health is not simple; it requires a comprehensive plan that may involve two or more phases to reach the desired outcome. It may be trial and error to figure out what works for your specific issues, adding and removing various options until the cause for gut issues is under control.

To put it simply, when you have a digestive issue, our ultimate goal will be to restore and repair the digestive system. From food allergies and sensitivities to intestinal bacterial overgrowth to gas and bloating, try a naturopathic approach to ease and eradicate both the symptoms and the cause.

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